Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Seattle Weekly Names Its Favorite Restaurants of 2009

The list of favorite restaurants was just announced and the Weekly's Jonathan Kaufman wrote,

"Spur: At their tiny cocktail bar-restaurant, decorated in a style you might call West Elm Western, Dana Tough and Brian McCracken have rightly picked up a reputation for being among Seattle’s most adventurous chefs. Given their work with molecular-gastronomy devices, I imagine their kitchen as a cross between the Flubber set and a high-priced hair salon. But most of the unsuspecting diners on whom the pair bestows their gels, foams, and creams will only notice how good everything tastes. That’s because, in terms of flavors, McCracken and Tough are echt Seattle, calling on the best of the seasonal, local produce within their reach.

The two both trained under Maria Hines, whose all-organic restaurant, Tilth, is a model for sustainable, ingredient-driven cuisine. Their playfulness comes out in texture: a parmesan foam floating over a plate of fresh tagliatelle with hedgehog mushrooms and a duck egg yolk; the sashimi-like feel of a chunk of smoked salmon croustade with mascarpone and pickled shallots. This is food that your retired parents, as well as your Top Chef-addicted college student, will fall for. "

Note by JONATHAN KAUFFMAN; Serves: dinner, late night. 113 Blanchard St., 728-6706. BELLTOWN,

Photo by Steven Miller for the Seattle Weekly.

Thank you Seattle Weekly.


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