Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seattle Metropolitan Interviews Spur's David Nelson

Jessica Voelker of Seattle Met interviewed David for her Sauced column that ran today. In addition to "intensely talented" she describes David as offering "always perfect cocktails (that)have become known as some of the most innovative mixed drinks in town."

Thanks Jessica. Read the entire column here:

Photo of David Nelson by Barbie Hull for Spur.

Voelker’s photo caption reads:

“Nice tats. David Nelson shows off some arm art along with La Rocio--an egg-white foam with red wine, lemon juice, sugar, tequila, and fruit.”


Friday, April 17, 2009

Nancy Leson's All You Can Eat Seattle Times column announces our ice cream contest

click on blog title above to read Nancy's entire column on our Ice Cream Challenge on the Seattle Times website

Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson let folks know about our Ice Cream Challenge in her column this evening with a story called "Spur Us On: with a Good-Humored Ice Cream Contest".

Nancy's submission to the challenge? She writes, "Call me old-fashioned, but my entry would have to be Cinnamon-Basil Badley, named after a lawyer I used to wait on at Saleh al Lago. That basil-scented sensation is nothing but goodly, but there's a downside: the Spur chefs would be ripping off Jerry Traunfeld -- as I was when I made that luscious recipe and posted it on my blog last summer."

Thanks Nancy for letting people know about our summer's coming contest. We've already seen entries coming in.

Photo of the chefs by Nancy Leson.


cocktail culture expert Robert Haynes-Peterson calls Spur "uber-hot"

Click on blog title above to read Robert's article on muddled cocktails on

He gave us a nice shout-out in his article on muddling and more saying, "... uber-hot new Seattle gastropub Spur is offering up a bevy of cocktails showcasing local stone fruits and pears."

Thanks Robert.

Photo of Spur's master muddler David Nelson by Star Chefs.

Spur Ice Cream Challenge

Think you’ve got what it takes to come up with the next outstanding ice cream flavor served at Spur Gastropub? The chefs are inviting fans of Spur to submit their best flavor and theme ideas by May 22. The chefs will pour over the submissions that week and a winner will be announced May 29.

The prize? The winner and five of their friends (21 and over please) will be invited down to Spur for a gastropub-style ice cream social where they’ll taste their ice cream, as interpreted by Chefs Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, and enjoy a paired cocktail by David Nelson. The prize also includes bragging rights, as the ice cream flavor will be featured throughout the month of June on Spur’s Dinner and Late Night menus.

Flavor ideas can be made by submitting flavors via email entitled “Spur Ice Cream Idea” to Please include your name, contact info including phone number and email address, and the flavor or theme idea you have for the Chefs. Without all this info, we won’t be able to contact you should you win.

Inspiration? Spur’s menu has recently included ice creams and frozen yogurts by Chefs McCracken and Tough with the themes of Cigar and Cognac, Cookies and Cream, and Ants on a Log. Their ice creams are always on the dessert menu and Spur’s late night menu always features a ½ pint from 11pm – 1:30 am daily.

photo by Kristin Zwiers for Spur.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Braiden writes about "chefs and their eggs" in Sunday's Pacific mag in the Seattle Times

Braiden Rex-Johnson, author of "Pacific Northwest Wining & Dining," did a great write-up on eggs this Easter. We were so pleased she included Spur's tagliatelle dish in her article which she described as, "amazing Tagliatelle with Oyster Mushrooms and Parmesan. The toothsome pasta was draped by a duck egg cooked sous-vide (slowly simmered in a plastic pouch to preserve its eggy essence). The parmesan was both shaved and foamed."

Thank you Braiden.

Photo of Spur's tagliatelle by Dean Ruitz for the Seattle Times.

Friday, April 10, 2009

having fun with "eggs"- chocolate cake at Spur

Our dessert menu has a soft chocolate cake with orange on it. The cake's served on white and dark chocolate soils, orange fluid gel and a "poached egg". (The egg white is white chocolate and the egg yolk is orange. Crack it open and the yolk runs, becoming a delicious sauce.)

Photo by Chef Tough.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Desserts at Spur in April


pomegranite. foie gras. pistachio.

Soft Chocolate Cake
ganache. orange. cocoa butter.

Pear Clafoutis
brown butter. almond. crème fraiche.

Ice Cream
playful accompaniments.

playful accompaniments.

Artisanal Cheeses


Coffee Cocktail
cognac. ruby port. egg.

Navan Flip
navan vanilla cognac liqueur. lemon. sugar. angostura bitters. egg.

Delicious Sour
applejack. lime. peach brandy. sugar. egg white.

Bourbon-Orange Crème
bourbon. orange. lemon. salt. burnt orange twill.

Photo of Bourbon Orange Creme by Barbie Hull for Spur.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Drinks at Spur

West Coast Pimm’s
pimm’s no. 1. lemon. cucumber. mint. basil. ginger ale.

Lupe’s Sangria
tequila. white wine. lemon. dubonnet.

Dover Cocktail
gin. macvin blanc. lavender. grenadine. chartreuse.

Pear Rum Swizzle
bosc pear rum. falernum. lime. chartreuse.

Income Tax
plymouth gin. vermouth. orange. angostura bitters.

Broken Spur #2
maker’s mark bourbon. cointreau. lemon. amaretto.

Lover’s Lock
aperol. grapefruit. absinthe.

old overholt rye. ramazotti amaro. strega. blood orange and peach bitters.

Kentucky Tuxedo
bulleit bourbon. sherry. lavender. orange bitters.

White Thistle
applejack. vermouth. lemon. angostura bitters.

Uptown Old Fashioned
rye. lillet. bitters.

Long Ride At Sunset
cognac. tawny port. benedictine. peach bitters.
photo by Kristin Zwiers for Spur.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Menu at Spur

Artisanal Cheeses

Baby Lettuces
speck. almond. sherry vinaigrette.

Sockeye Salmon Crostini
mascarpone. caper. pickled shallot.

Fried Potato Dumplings
tasmanian peppercorn. fondue. chive.

Warm Spring Artichokes
fromage blanc. sherry. miners lettuce.

Hamachi Crudo
chiogga beet. champagne vinegar. horseradish leaf.

Slow Cooked Butterfish
cauliflower. radish. watercress.

oyster mushroom. parmesan. duck egg.

Oregon Rabbit
rutabaga. ham hock . mustard.

Pork Belly Sliders
heirloom apple. mustard. bourbon.

Bison Burger
caramelized onion. pepper ketchup. shoestrings.

Lamb Saddle
spring vegetables. gnocchi. fines herbs.
pork belly sliders photo by Kristin Zwiers for Spur