Friday, April 17, 2009

Nancy Leson's All You Can Eat Seattle Times column announces our ice cream contest

click on blog title above to read Nancy's entire column on our Ice Cream Challenge on the Seattle Times website

Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson let folks know about our Ice Cream Challenge in her column this evening with a story called "Spur Us On: with a Good-Humored Ice Cream Contest".

Nancy's submission to the challenge? She writes, "Call me old-fashioned, but my entry would have to be Cinnamon-Basil Badley, named after a lawyer I used to wait on at Saleh al Lago. That basil-scented sensation is nothing but goodly, but there's a downside: the Spur chefs would be ripping off Jerry Traunfeld -- as I was when I made that luscious recipe and posted it on my blog last summer."

Thanks Nancy for letting people know about our summer's coming contest. We've already seen entries coming in.

Photo of the chefs by Nancy Leson.


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