Tuesday, September 28, 2010

our autumn cocktails at Spur

The Cocktails:

Seelbach Seelbach Hotel, 1917.
bourbon. angostura and peychauds bitters. cointreau. sparkling wine.

The Gilded Palace of Sin
thai bird chili tequila. blackberry. chocolate. mezcal.

The Looking Glass
currant vodka. lillet. maraschino. dry vermouth.
sparkling wine.

Ward 8 Locke-Ober, Boston, 1898.
rye. orange juice. lemon juice. grenadine.

Seventh Heaven Savoy Hotel, London 1920.
gin. maraschino. grapefruit.

Georgia Avenue
aquavit. watermelon. sherry. cynar. vanilla. peach bitters.

La Bandera de Esmerelda
gin. pisco. cocchi americano. grapefruit bitters.

Rusty Shotgun
scotch. peach. drambuie. ver jus. old time aromatic bitters. salt.

Fog Cutter Trader Vic 1947
rum. gin. brandy. lemon. orange. orgeat. sherry.

Switchback Fizz
cognac. plum. bianco vermouth. fernet branca.

Nevisian Rum Punch
rum. aperol. falernum. ginger. lime.

Way out West
rye. punt e mes. strega. cynar.

House Cocktails by: Marley Tomic-Beard & Craig Schoen
1905: Seelbach Hotel

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Arrives at Spur: our new seasonal menu

Chiogga Beet & Carrot Salad
coriander. chevre. mizuna.

Heirloom Tomatoes
dill. castlevetrano olive. arugula.

Parisian Gnocchi chanterelles. cauliflower. parmesan.

Bigeye Tuna Crudo*
melon. chile. sherry.

Warm Marinated Mussels
sausage. summer squash. peppers.

Loch Duart Salmon
celery root. swiss chard. speck.

Lamb Tartare*
heirloom tomato. shiso. egg yolk.

duck egg. oyster mushroom. pine nut.

Fried Oxtail Terrine
granny smith apple. cabbage. caraway.

Veal Sweetbreads
rutabaga. mustard. smoke.
Lamb Saddle*
fennel. potato. pearl onion.

New York Strip *
polenta. lobster mushroom. langoustine.

Chefs Tasting Menu
3 courses

Photos Copyright 2010, Chad Pryor

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Served Raw's "Raw Genius" Column features Spur + Tavern Law Chefs and Their Inspirations

If you haven't visited Served Raw www.servedraw.com lately, do. It's a great read.

Asked for some recent inspiration, "Raw Geniuses" Brian McCracken and Dana Tough were both featured recently, talking microwave baking and liquid nitro ice cream making:

"The genius = McCracken. The inspiration: 'I've been very excited about desserts lately, from cakes and custard to ice creams and sorbets. It's a great place to try new techniques and flavors. We've been making microwaved sponge cakes that have an incredible texture and a grilled buttermilk chantilly which develops an amazing flavor. Desserts are a playground for a chef to really experiment.'

The genius = Tough. The inspiration: 'Liquid nitrogen recently entered our kitchen, which allows us to freeze something instantly. We've been forming and freezing ice cream and coating it with tempered chocolate. The possibilities are endless — both savory and sweet.'"