Thursday, September 16, 2010

Served Raw's "Raw Genius" Column features Spur + Tavern Law Chefs and Their Inspirations

If you haven't visited Served Raw lately, do. It's a great read.

Asked for some recent inspiration, "Raw Geniuses" Brian McCracken and Dana Tough were both featured recently, talking microwave baking and liquid nitro ice cream making:

"The genius = McCracken. The inspiration: 'I've been very excited about desserts lately, from cakes and custard to ice creams and sorbets. It's a great place to try new techniques and flavors. We've been making microwaved sponge cakes that have an incredible texture and a grilled buttermilk chantilly which develops an amazing flavor. Desserts are a playground for a chef to really experiment.'

The genius = Tough. The inspiration: 'Liquid nitrogen recently entered our kitchen, which allows us to freeze something instantly. We've been forming and freezing ice cream and coating it with tempered chocolate. The possibilities are endless — both savory and sweet.'"

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