Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Five Course Dinner May 30 with Novo Fogo Cachaca

Check out this deliciousness.  Will see you on Wednesday?


HEARTS OF PALM SALAD: potato. taggiasca olive. chorizo vinaigrette.
RIO RUBY: silver cachaça. cocchi di torino vermouth. cocchi americano. dry sherry. rhubarb bitters.

ALASKAN SPOT PRAWNS: celery root. cashew. red pepper.
THE FANDANGO: silver cachaça. red peppers. white peppercorn. red wine vinegar. lime. rosemary syrup. salt.

SALT ROASTED CULOTTE STEAK: heirloom beans. smoked sausage. cabbage.
SERRA VERDE EXPRESS: silver cachaça. lime. sugar. habañero tincture. pineapple.

PORK SHOULDER ROASTED IN BANANA LEAF: farro. pickled red onion. radish. watercress.
ANTIQUADO #3: barrel-aged cachaça. demerara syrup. spiced cherribiscus bitters.

BANANA CUSTARD: roasted banana ice cream. banana sponge cake. shortbread crumble.
GRACIOSA: aged cachaça. orange. caraway liqueur. licor 43. whole egg. banana. chocolate.

$80 per person (excluding tax and gratuity). Reservations by phoning 206.728.6706.