Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sunday Spur Film Nights: We Kick Off This Weekend with The Big Lebowski

Making use of our big screen, we're rolling out a calendar of Sunday Spur Film Nights. Come in costume for Spur's first Sunday Spur Film Night (Sunday July 25, 9-12 midnight)-- this one a showing of the Big Lebowski (film starts on our big screen at 9).

The chefs will be preparing a different popcorn for each Sunday Spur Film Night along with drink and food specials. This one will feature bowling alley-inspired fare and Lebowski drinks including (of course) White Russians and Bowling Pin beer.

Everyone's already working on their get-ups and dressing in fashions inspired by the flick. (Any guess what Anne will don? We're keeping it a secret, of course.) Sunday Spur Film Nights will occur regularly, but not SO regularly, so check back in on our blog and Facebook + Twitter to get the scoop on our next one.

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