Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Cocktails at Spur in July

West Coast Pimm’s (David Nelson, Spur 2008)
pimm’s no. 1. lemon. cucumber. mint. basil. ginger ale.

Empress (David Nelson, Spur 2008)
jamaican rum. grapefruit. st. germain.

Seelbach (Seelbach Hotel, 1917)
bourbon. angostura and peychauds bitters. cointreau. sparkling wine.

Cut Stick Cocktail
sherry. dry vermouth. strawberry nasturtium syrup. lemon.

Jasmine (Paul Harrington, 1990’s)
gin. campari. lemon. cointreau.

tequila. strawberry shrub. domaine canton. lime.

Nevisian Rum Punch
rum. aperol. lime. falernum. ginger.

Nordic Flower Fizz
aquavit. gin. lillet. dandelion and orange bitters.

Broken Spur #2* (David Nelson, Spur 2008)
bourbon. cointreau. lemon. amaretto.

The One Inch Plantation
rum. falernum. smoked pineapple. orange juice.

50 Ways to Leave Your Lovage
tequila. yellow chartreuse. lime. cucumber. lovage.

The Ballad of Anne Bonny
rye. pineau des chaurentes rosé. ramazzotti. dry vermouth.

House Cocktails by: Marley Tomic-Beard & Craig Schoen
Photo of the Wheelhouse

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