Tuesday, February 10, 2009

February Drinks

West Coast Pimm’s
pimm’s no. 1. lemon. cucumber. mint. basil. ginger ale.

rum. st. germain. grapefruit.

Macvin Collins
macvin. lemon. sugar. soda.

Pear Rum Swizzle
pear rum. falernum. lime. chartreuse.

Hanky Panky
plymouth gin. italian vermouth. fernet branca.

Gentleman’s Lemonade
gentleman jack. lemon. honey.

Lover’s Lock
aperol. grapefruit. absinthe.

Cara Carina
cara cara bourbon. punt e mes. chartreuse. blood orange bitters.

Kentucky Tuxedo
bulleit bourbon. sherry. lavender. orange bitters.

Widow’s Kiss
calvados. chartreuse. benedictine. angostura bitters.

Uptown Old Fashioned
rye. lillet. bitters.

Long Ride At Sunset
cognac. tawny port. benedictine. peach bitters.

Photo of Spur cocktail and house snack, fried hominy, by Kristin Zwiers.

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