Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a closer look at David Nelson's Pear Rum Swizzle

The Swizzle was a classic party drink traditionally made with rum or whiskey and respectively mixed with Falernum or Chartreuse, sugar, and lime or lemon juice. Swizzles were always served in a tall glass on the rocks with a swizzle stick so that the person drinking would stir with the swizzle stick until the drink became cloudy and was nice and cold. It’s more of a Southern and Caribbean-style drink but since pears are in season Nelson thought it would be a nice refreshing drink to give people a whisper of summertime during our cold winter.

Nelson makes the rum by infusing it with Bosc pears. (This is an 8 hour sous vide infusion which brings a bright, fresh aroma and flavor). The pear brandy’s also made in-house with the same preparation as the rum.

Nelson also makes the drink’s Falernum: an ingredient not be found commercially but historically a widely-used staple in classic cocktails. This is made from light rum, lime zest, clove, almond extract and simple syrup.

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