Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sumi Hahn Reviews Spur on Her Eat, Play, Love Blog

Foodie and former critic Sumi Hahn wrote about Spur on her Blog recently, saying, "Spur is perfectly named: It’s an agent of change, a kick in the pants to the local dining scene, where gastronomical innovation sometimes means changing the dining room setup. But forget those cumbersome platters, gritty communal tables, secret “underground” restaurants, and silly paintbrushes in sauces–they’re trying way too hard. Instead, look for a kitchen that’s cooking with heart, gut, and head in the right place—and having fun in the process. The guys are Spur are doing just that–and doing a damn fine job of it."

To read Sumi's entire review, visit her Eat, Play Love Blog at:


Who is Sumi? In her words, "When a restaurant critic retires, do her opinions retire as well? Absolutely not. This blog is for all those friends of mine who want to know whether I’ve been to the latest Seattle hot spot and what I think of it. I’m Sumi Hahn, AKA S.M. Hahn (former restaurant critic for the Times-Picayune and Seattle Weekly). I now freelance on food for various publications (like Edible Seattle & Seattle Magazine) and write on classical music for the Seattle Times."

Thanks for a wonderful account of your 8-courses at Spur, Sumi.

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