Friday, January 21, 2011

Wall Street Journal Writes Us Up: "Great Taste, Less Booziness"

The Wall Street Journal's Kevin Sintumuang writes in his article that runs tomorrow,
"The Low-Alcohol Cocktail: Great taste. Less booziness. Three drinks made with vermouths and liqueurs—spirits heavy on sophisticated flavor and light (comparatively) in proof—from some of America's best bartenders.
We've been there: Some nights, looking at a Manhattan is enough to reintroduce a hangover. But nobody said that cocktails had to be so boozy. Before you reach for the club soda, however, know that there is an in-between: low-alcohol cocktails made with vermouths and liqueurs, spirits heavy on sophisticated flavor and light (comparatively) in proof. Don't drink these because they won't get you incredibly buzzed. Enjoy them because they're refreshing and surprising. The fact that you won't need to chase them with Advil before bed (if you haven't had 10 of them) is a bonus."

He described our own Marley Tomic-Beard's MARYLEBONE HIGH drink: "Think of this cocktail, named after the London street where Pimm's originated, as a cross between a Pimm's Cup and a mojito. The sage and lime play nicely off the liqueur's distinctive sweetness."

Get the recipes for our cocktail-- plus Jeff Hollinger's Barkeeper's Whimsy at San Francisco's Comstock Saloon and the Torino Fizz by Paul McGee of Chicago's The Whistler-- by reading the entire article by clicking on blog title above.

Thank you Kevin!

Photographer for the Wall Street Journal F. Martin Ramin. Stylist Anne Cardenas.

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