Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rhum Clement and Rhum JM Dinner at Spur

On November 8th the chefs and bartenders of Spur welcome Ben Jones, a member of the Clement family, in a 5-course dinner with Rhum Clement and Rhum JM rhum agricole pairings. Punch and nibbles at 6pm with a dinner featuring five cocktails paired with five courses. Price per person is $90 excluding tax and gratuity. Space is limited. Call Anne at Spur to reserve: 206/728.6706

First: Tuna Tartare (avocado. chili. lime.)

Second: Sous Vide Pork Belly (cabbage. pineapple. creole mustard.)

Third: Smoked King Crab (greens. winter squash. pecans.)

Fourth: Beef Cheeks (carrot. coriander. horseradish.)

Fifth: Rhum Walnut Sponge (banana. ice cream. sea salt.)

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