Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jessica Voekler queries Spur's bartender Marley in a "5 Questions for the Bartender" piece

Voekler of Seattle Metropolitan mag recently chatted with our own Marley Tomic-Beard about her personal favorites. Jessica asked, "What is the most underrated spirit?" Marley's take?

"Rye is an underutilized spirit not because it isn’t well known in the restaurant industry, but because the public doesn’t seem to understand its historical significance. Many people don’t know that a Manhattan should always be made with rye (or that it’s the Great Grandfather to the vodka martini). Rye whiskey is an American invention and thanks to many bootleggers and their Canadian counterparts, Rye got us through the Great Drought and Prohibition."

photo of Marley at Spur Gastropub by Jim Anderson.

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