Friday, December 19, 2008

Voracious' Blogger Suzie Rugh Visits Bartender Zane

The Seattle Weekly's Suzie Rugh, blogging for Voracious, paid a recent visit to Spur for the paper's "First Call" challenge to bartenders.

Read about Suzie and Zane's "Tequila and Eggs" night where Suzie discovered just how delicious candied peppers, tequila and egg whites can be when they meet green charteuse.

Her post reads, in part: "I take a sip and find the tart to be perfectly blended with the frothy egg white concoction that's set against the subtle tequila backdrop. The candied pepper leaves a pleasing tingle as it dissolves on my lips. It tastes like summer time and I momentarily forget that the roads outside are still covered in ice. As I drink it down, it starts to dawn on me that my standard vodka tonic is like only ordering chicken fingers at every restaurant and it might be time to broaden my drinking horizons. But that doesn't necessarily mean that every barkeep is going to be able create these tasty elixirs. There is certainly an art to bartending and it seems Zane is aiming to master it. I regret questioning him even for a moment realizing that he would never want to set a drink down in front of someone that was anything short of amazing."

Click the link above to read Suzie's full review.

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