Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cooking Light Magazine "First Bites" May 2013 Story: Chefs McCracken and Toughs' Salmon Crostini from Spur in Seattle

In next month's Cooking Light we talk salmon with Cooking Light magazine's Food Editor Tim Cebula for their "First Bites/Today's Special" feature in the magazine.  "May in the Pacific Northwest means one thing above all: fantastically fresh salmon," he writes.  "We turned to Brian McCracken and Dana Tough, the chef-owners of the wildly popular gastropub Spur in Seattle, for a quick and easy dish that highlights this superb fish."  Head to the newsstand to grab a copy of the May issue, or check back here soon, where we'll share the magazine's recipe for Sockeye Salmon Crostini inspired by our menu staple at Spur. 

Thank you to the editors of Cooking Light for allowing us to talk about something we're so passionate about!  A salmon that tastes like the ocean. 

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