Friday, August 20, 2010

"The Best Cocktails and Food I Never Had" by Amazon's Al Dente editor

If you were like A.J. Rathbun and couldn't join us last week for our Maker's Bourbon dinner, you can still hear about what you missed. Rathbun wrote today about the dinner featuring Seattle's top bartenders with bourbon and five courses paired by Chefs Dana Tough and Brian McCracken. Rathbun reports, in part, "See, here in Seattle, two of the top chefs in the city, Brian McCracken and Dana Tough (co-owners of both Spur and Tavern Law, a couple of Seattle’s must-visit cocktail and food spots by-the-way) combined with a number of top bartenders, all under the banner of one of my all-time nostalgia inducing favorite bourbons, Maker’s Mark, to put out an exclusive evening of unbelievable food and cocktails. On August 11th. And I had to miss it. And (to make me even sadder and my mouth water even more) I have the menu and some pics. So, I’m making you share in my sadness (unless you were there. In which case, go reminisce giddily and leave us to pout)."

Click on blog title above to read the entire story and take a look at those gorgeous photos of what you missed.

Thank you Al Dente, Maker's Mark, and our fine guest bartenders from Rob Roy and Zig Zag.

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