Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seattle Weekly Favorite Restaurants on Spur: Grounding in Locality + Seasonality, Balances an Impulse towards Abstract Gastro Modernism

Spur's been included in the Weekly's favorite restaurant list of the year and cited for "eye opening indulgence". Thanks to Jason Sheehan for this write-up: "Spur Gastropub The problem with so many of today's flailing attempts at modernist cuisine and molecular gastronomy is that, in their breathless fascination with all the goop, gear, and gadgetry involved in turning cheese into pasta and fish into foam, many chefs forget that they're still being paid to make people dinner. That means that the food itself still has to be a recognizable part of the "dining experience" and not get completely lost amid the chemicals and lasers. This, then, is the strength of Spur—a kitchen where a grounding in locality, seasonality, and recognizable ingredients (hedgehog mushrooms, salmon, potatoes, leeks, bacon) balances the impulse toward abstract gastronomic modernism, always elevating the trout above the almond foam and the sockeye salmon and house-made mascarpone above pure gimmickry. Because Spur's crew can manage this (at prices considerably lower than those at many of the country's other temples of molecular gastronomy), dinner here can be an event and an eye-opening indulgence without ever slipping over the line into a piece of egotistical performance art staged by cooks solely for their own enjoyment."
Powerful Hunger image from the Seattle Weekly.

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