Friday, December 4, 2009

December's dishes at Spur

Heirloom Lettuces
baby beets. chevre. hazelnuts.

Sockeye Salmon Crostini
mascarpone. caper. pickled shallot.

Roasted Cauliflower
fennel. taggiasca olive.arugula.

Parmesan Gnocchi
parsnip. chanterelle. brussel sprout.

Steamed Mussels
potato. leek. bacon.

Sous Vide Octopus
chickpea. celery. treviso.

Fried Rabbit Terrine
potato. turnip. truffle.

Veal Sweetbreads
delicata squash. kale. orange.

duck egg. oyster mushroom. pine nut.

Washington Chicken Confit
mustard. garlic chips. scallion.

Pork Belly Sliders
quince. mustard. bourbon.

Grass fed Beef Burger
provolone. red onion jam. thyme aioli.

Grilled New York
thumbelina carrot. pearl onion. peppercorn demi.


Dan said...

We're all wondering when you're going to bring back the Ostrich burger. It was one of the best burgers myself and some of my friends have ever had... hope to see it again soon!

lookrichbitch said...

took my hubs there for the first time (my second!) and loooooved everything! my fave is always the parmesan gnocchi and the mussels. nom nom! hubs adored the tagliatelle... any chance you would share your recipe for the salted caramel ice cream?

see you on new year's eve!