Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A David Nelson summertime creation on Spur’s July drink menu: The Side Saddle

Bartender David Nelson came up with this drink, inspired by some of the ice cream flavor ideas from our last contest and as a play on the classic whiskey and ginger ale "Horse's Neck" cocktail. (A drink named so for its garnish of a long lemon peel hung over the side of the glass, looking like a horse’s neck.)

Nelson’s variation on this very simple cocktail is ingredient-driven. It's made with a brandy he infuses with pineapple and sage, ginger beer, and a house made pineapple syrup. Served in a highball with a lime wedge it’s super refreshing and so summertime-- one of his new drinks celebrated on the July drinks menu at Spur Gastropub.

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