Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Spur makes list of top five new gastropubs in the country

Click blog title above to read the article in this month’s DRAFT magazine

The editor of one of beer lover’s favorite magazines, DRAFT, came through Seattle a few month’s back. The result of her visit? A great write-up in their article on gastropubs and their top national picks.

We hope you’ll take a moment to read the entire article online. Here’s just a bit of it: “In the kitchen, McCracken and Tough match the bravado of the bar with neo-American dishes like a luscious, earthy Tagliatele pasta with oyster mushrooms, duck egg, and parmesan foam, and the most addictive menu item, pork-belly sliders with heirloom apples atop buttery buns. Nearly every ingredient is native to the Northwest: An exquisite buttermilk-fried rabbit confit hails from Oregon, while the butterfish, cooked sous-vide until it’s so soft it’s cheeselike and served with pickled grapefruit, was plucked from the nearby Pacific.”

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P. Fruit Trees said...

this is great news for the boys in Belltown unfortunately for the subscribers of Draft, they won't see this issue till later. I will go find myself one at the newsstand or see if one of my local watering holes has a "bar copy".

Paul "FT"